Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

In Bhojpuri weddings, the Bihari bride shines like a charming star because of their all-over outfit and their beautiful unique rituals make their Bihari wedding more special. Every bride wants to be the queen of their wedding and they are one of them.

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Wedding of Bihar is famous for its own specialty. If this  Bihari wedding is special, so how is it possible that the Bihari bride will not special of course they have their own beauty of the Bihari bride.  They never forget to wear their most special ornament that is their beautiful smile, They mostly prefer simple makeup on the day of their wedding also. At that Bihari wedding, the Bihari bride looks like a royal queen. At the Bhojpuri wedding, they have a lot of fun by creating many memorable activities. So let’s have a look at their further beauty.

   Bihari Bride lehenga

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

The lehenga of the Bhojpuri wedding Is one of the most important parts of that Bihari bride for enhancing their look double time. They don’t prefer a much heavier lehenga they mostly prefer reddish shades of lehenga at their Bihari wedding. They wear the lehenga in that proper manner so that it will not look awkward .the chunari of the lehenga is always put on their head.

 Bihari  Makeup

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar


The Bihari bride is having a different taste of makeup. Bihari brides don’t carry many makeup products they use limited .they mostly add reddish shades of lipstick and blush in their makeup. In Bhojpuri wedding, the make of that Bihari brides increases much time when the groom filled the sindoor in her forehead  as the generation  changes time to  time

but at this time also many Bihari bride prefers the sindoor from nose to forward and this is the best part of their makeup this increases the beauty of bride double time.

Jewelleries Collection

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

Bihari brides are having great taste in jewelry. The jewelry increases the beauty double time of the Bhojpuri queens they increase many pieces of jewelry in their Bihari bride outfit

let’s have a look

  • Mang Tika

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

This is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that every bride is going with it .it should not hang much down on the forehead it should be properly arranged on the forehead with proper space then only it will increase the beauty of that Bihari bride.

  • Heavy Neckless

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

In Bihari weddings mostly the bride wears heavy neckless sets and also it gives them a perfect royal look. It should be matched with your earings and with your mang tika

  • Earings

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

Without this piece of jewelry, The Bihari bride will look faded is like something is missing. They mostly prefer heavy earings according to their neckless.

  • Nath 

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

It is again a most important ornament for brides. It increases the beauty of the nose many times. At the Bihar wedding, the brides are very eager to wear this.

  • Bangles or Chura

Bihari Bride -Royal Queens Of Bihar

Earlier in Bihari wedding. Mostly the Bihari brides used to wear heavily arranged bangles. But nowadays in the Bhojpuri wedding, the Bihari brides also started to wear Chura instead of other bangles. In Bihar wedding both bangles and Chura having their own beauty it depends on the bride that for which they are going for.


So, these are some best tips and guidance to be a royal queen of Bihar in your Bihari wedding .for more updates on fashion tips and tricks be connected with us.


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