Punjabi Bride – Every Punjabi Should Own

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Punjabi wedding is having its own specialty.  in the whole wedding, the  Punjabi bride is the main source of attraction everyone is beings excited to have a look at the  Punjabi bride that how she drees up. so let’s have a look at those important points that all Punjabi bride is preferred in their outfit.

Punjabi  Lehenga

Punjabi Bride - Every Punjabi Should Own

This is the main source of outfit that gives the flemish outfit to the Punjabi bride. They mostly prefer simple lehenga with beautiful color combinations they didn’t have heavy work on their lehenga and the style of carrying the dupatta is unique as compared to other brides. Nowadays many other brides used to prefer this Punjabi bride lehenga outfit.


Punjabi  Bride  Chuda

Punjabi Bride - Every Punjabi Should Own

This is the most important part of the outfit the gives the sign of Punjaban to the  Punjabi bride. Mostly Punjabi bride wears two combinations of  Red -White, Maroon – White after marriage also for some time they continue with this Chuda.


Punjabi Bride Makeup

Punjabi Bride - Every Punjabi Should Own

Makeup is one of the essential parts of the bride that help her in enhancing her outfit .they carry simple makeup but always they prefer lipstick in a darker shade. also, they have a glitter effect on their face, and blush is also proven best in her outfit all these makeup effects are in balance nothing is over. In Punjabi bride mostly want a traditional makeup touchup. But there is some bride also who wants a modern touchup at her wedding.


Punjabi Bride Hairstyle

Punjabi Bride - Every Punjabi Should Own

Mostly at weddings, brides prefer bun but in Punjabi weddings, Punjabi brides also prefer long breeds and bun. Their bun is on top so that the dupatta of the lehenga is managed with the bun. Their bun is decorated with many designers hairpin, bun pins.also some brides prefer long breed with bun this hairstyle also grabs the proper  Punjabi bride outfit.


Punjabi Bride Mehendi

Punjabi Bride - Every Punjabi Should Own

In India, Mehendi is the most traditional ritual that every bride owns In Punjabi wedding  Punjabi brides mostly prefer modern Mehendi designs on their hands and legs both. And their Mehendi is found as a most enjoyable moment for the bride. From this ritual, every bride is having lots of od memories.

so; let’s move ahead and try these ideas in your Punjabi wedding and gives the flemish look to your Punjabi bride outfit.



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