Royal Rajasthani Outfit – Every Rajasthani Bride Should Own

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Rajasthani bride different from other brides of a different culture and their royal look makes them different and unique. They added heavy and expensive jewelry to their outfit. and they don’t carry much heavy makeup. Their mehndi describe their culture. the hairstyle of the bride, their variety of heavy and expensive jewelry she wears, and also the heavy lehnga choli that is engaged with full stones and heavy work these things play an important role in the outfit of the Rajasthani bride for showing her a royal queen. Their whole outfit looks like a queen. let’s talk in deep about this royal queen.

Rajasthani Lehenga

Royal Rajasthani Outfit - Every Rajasthani Bride Should Own

Rajasthani bride will look incomplete if she won’t wear the Rajasthani lehnga this lehnga helps her to look more royal and gives her a charming look. The skirt of the lehenga is like a pleated skirt that is long and embroidered and worn as the lower of choli the design of ghagra and choli describes the Rajputana status of the bride. The lehenga of the Rajasthani bride is embedded with varieties of stones and also with heavy work on the ghagra and choli. And the border of the ghagra is prepared with expensive gota . And the dupatta of Rajasthani lehnga is longer than others because the Rajasthani bride used to put it on her head maximum time. The Rajasthani lehenga is having its own royal beauty that makes it different from others.

Rajasthani Jewelry

Royal Rajasthani Outfit - Every Rajasthani Bride Should Own
Rajasthani’s jewelry is like a crown for the Rajasthani bride. This enhances the beauty of the Rajasthani bride. Jewelry plays the main role in the royal outfit of the Rajasthani bride. The Rajasthani bride carries a lot of heavy jewelry there are varieties of heavy pieces of jewelry that show the Rajputana status of the bride. the varieties of jewelry that Rajasthani bride used to wear for looking like a Rajputana’s queen.


mang tikka is mainly known as Borla this is spherical in shape made up of gold all Rajasthani bride used to wear this Borla this mainly increases the beauty of the front head of the bride because the bride used to wear this at the center of the front head of the bride.


Nath is also known as a nose ring and mainly all Indian bride used to wear this nose ring but in Rajasthan, Rajasthani brides used to wear varieties of Nath with respect to shape and designs. brides wore this in the left nostril and with the help of a chain join this to the left ear.


this is a very and expensive ornament of a Rajasthani bride that she used to wear on the neck. This is mainly in the shape of a square and rectangle. this helps the Rajasthani brides to look more expensive and royal this is made up of gold or diamond.


this is also known as a waist chain this is also a beautiful part of the Rajasthani bride can also wear on a normal saree lehenga or Rajasthan, this is also known as Tagdi .


This is also considered as a main part of the Rajasthani bride jewelry. This is also known as Bichuwa this is worn on the second finger of the toe.

6.Rani Haar

This is a neck ornament of a Rajasthani bride and it carries weight with it embedded with expensive stones. This rani is also a sign of Rajputana status this helps the bride to look more charming and royal in their outfit

7.Lac Bangles

This is mainly one of the important ornament that Rajasthani bride used to wear these bangles are transitioned by lac and ivory to plastic bangle these bangles covers the bride hand from forearms up to elbow this also makes the outfit of Rajasthani bride more traditional royal and unique.

Rajasthani Makeup

Royal Rajasthani Outfit - Every Rajasthani Bride Should Own
Rajasthani bride uses to carry light makeup their simplicity made them more unique and royal they use very selective makeup products the color combination of the makeup should match with the lehenga choli the mainly uses mascara, kajal, light cream tonne blush and mascara and also a matching lipstick according to the skin tone of the bride. By applying only this simple makeup they simply look like a royal queen.

Rajasthani Mehendi

Royal Rajasthani Outfit - Every Rajasthani Bride Should Own

a bride is totally incomplete without Mehendi. In Rajsthani mehndi also the mehndi of the Rajasthani bride describe the status of royal and richness. In our Indian, all people used to say that the color of the Mehendi will decide how much your partner loves you all these things made our Indian culture more interesting and unique there varieties of designs that Rajasthani brides apply on both hands and feet. so here are some Mehendi designs.

1.Contemporary full hand Mehendi design
2.Pecock motif Mehendi design
3.Hand ornament design
4.Dulha Dulhan design
5.Coiled pattern Mehendi design
6. Elegant Rajasthani full hand Mehendi

Rajasthani brides are having their own beauty and their makeup, jewelry, lehenga, Mehendi, and also innocence made them more special on the day of their marriage they are like royal queens. You all should try this at your own wedding for looking like the bridal queen of your wedding party.


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